A hands-on deep dive covering the muddy exploration and hard decisions that founders face.

Learning from customers
  Learn to turn 5-10 customer conversations into clear direction towards a viable business.
Product Design
  How do you decide which type of product to build, and how do you get the first version right?
Launching and making money
  So many entrepreneurs start with nothing, and quickly build money-making businesses. You’ll learn how to get this speedy start.

Is this for you?

Deciding On A Career Aspiring Entrepreneurs Early-stage
Get a real taste of what life is like if you take the long road and make your ideas a reality. Move your idea forward, and gain the confidence to progress it. Pick up time-saving skills and tricks to accelerate progress and avoid dead-ends.

Decision Hacks

Includes a free copy of Decision Hacks, a practical guide to tough entrepreneurial decisions, selected from a bunch of successful entrepreneurs.

Your instructor

Salim Virani is the founder of Source, and previously Leancamp and Founder Centric.

He helped develop the Lean Startup methodology, creating the first community of Lean Startup entrepreneurs across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia. World-class startup programs and universities – like Seedcamp, Techstars, Harvard, Oxford, Imperial and UCL – use his material. Salim also created Africa’s largest dedicated entrepreneurship course.

He is the author of Mentor Impact, based on interviewing the mentors of top-performing startups in the world’s top accelerators.